Panikot : Back From The Blinck

Pani Kot is a beautiful place. Located not far from New Delhi, Faridabad and Gurugram. The Aravalis has been mined and destroyed over the years. Panikot was one such place. Mined and ripped to the core the place resembles some kind of war zone. Now with mining been banned nature is making a come back. This small movie on place tells if we dont interfere with nature it will make a comeback. Hope you enjoy and do like, comment and subscribe to the channel. Thanks The route is from Manger Bani and the road condition is nice and good. One turn to the wilderness changes everything and soon you are off roads. The treks is nice and cool with not much ups and down. Egyptian Vultures can be sighted apart from Pond Heron and other birdlife. #indianwildlifeadventures, #trekking #nature, #panikot, #Aravali #wildlife, #birding