A Day in The Life of a Shy Bird


As the sun rises, a new day is dawned and our Yellow Foot Green Pigeon start the for what they are programmed for. Generally found in the forests and urban areas with good green cover. It is a very shy bird and sighting them is not easy due their colour and shyness. Being social birds there are generally found in pairs or even in a flock. These are arboreal birds are rarely sighted on the ground.

Balcony Birding

Lockdown comes with many surprises and one of them is birding from your terrace. Without moving out even though birding is an outdoor recreational activity. Balcony or terrace birding allows you to re-discover and observe these beautiful winged wonders. Birding from balcony or terraces has its advantages, but also it comes with some responsibility.  As we need to be very careful to observe from a safe distance without disturbing them. Parenting is also not an easy task, when one bird sits on the nest the other one flies off in search for food.

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon

In an urban landscape Rock Pigeons are the most common birds but Yellow Footed Green Pigeons, been green in colour is hardly noticeable. In fact, they a bright coloured shoulder patch which they have and the legs are pretty bright and yellow.

The bird is found in lowland forest and forest edge, as well as parks, gardens, and orchards; a common urban bird is generally get missed out because of its camouflaged colour.Not extremely vocal; occasionally gives cooing whistles.

The bird belongs to the Order of Pigeons & Dove ( Columbiformes) and 

Family of Pigeons, Doves ( Columbidae),  Genus : Treron

Their breeding and nesting is between March and June, just before the monsoon sets in because by then young ones are born, and there is enough food for everyone. Their nest is made on a flimsy platform, generally in the foliage of fruiting trees. They like to make it near a Banyan or a peepal tree. They are herbivores are sluggish, often sunning themselves atop tree in the morning and spending time feeding. It is almost entirely arboreal, not usually seen on the ground, with strong feet adapted for climbing. It moves among the branches looking food.  They love eating fruits, figs of Banyan and Peepal Trees.  One tend to notice them when they take off together, as their wings making a distinctive winnowing whistle.

Birding As An Outdoor Activity:

There have been debates whether birding should be an activity where one need to walk into the forest and observe through the binoculars or sit at one place just to observe these beautiful creatures. Some like it walking and some like it sitting. In any manner birding gives a satisfaction of being close to nature and also to explore the beautiful and colourful world of birds.  This what make birding so special worldwide. There are a lot of groups across the globe where one can be associated to learn the tricks of birding, bird photography and bird observation. Sitting in your hide early in the morning hearing the cacophony of the birds and observing yellow footed green pigeon, gives a special meaning to birding.  Now time you go to your terrace, balcony or nearby garden, lookout for them as they might be waiting for you to discover them. Happy Birding !

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