Chambal : A Rebel River

Chambal, a rebel rivers as it is also know by the locals due to its course it takes from its original Central Indian to Northern India. This is a probably the only rivers that flow in the opposite directions then the most of the sub-continent rivers. This documentary gives an insight of the topography and its landscape. Chambal Sanctuary it is famous for Ghariyals and this is critical endangered species. Chambal River is a fresh running water river and they need fresh water to survive, that is why this river is suitable for their survival. Apart from Ghariyal, there are 9 species of turtle that are also critically endangered species alongwith Crocodile. There are also 300 – 400 different type of migratory birds visit here. This is also ideal for eco tourism purposes this is a very nice spots. There are many places like Rajghat, Sakri, Bhind, Pali in Shivpuri distrist as eco tourism spots. Like this there are 4 – 5 sites which are been worked upon for ecotourism purposes so that the general public becomes aware about Chambal River and to create general awareness related to environment. The entire area is having aquatic wildlife / animals & whole purpose is to conserve them the forest department is working towards their conservation. Inter state tourism protentional There is a lot of potential exist for inter state tourism along the Chambal river. If you see in Dholpur area behind us is in Rajasthan there is a tourist spot there, in U.P. there is a tourist spot in Etawah. In fact M.P. has maximum tourist spots as the river has the longest part of attached with the M.P. boundary. For eco tourism apart from boating we arrange for camping & night stay For Tourism development purposes we arrange for camping, night stay & we would like to start rafting as well in the area. There is huge potential & for this many departments are working on this There are also plans to develop historical places for which survey is been done. Tourism & Wildlife Tourism and conservation of wildlife are 2 different things. If we consider general public to be associated then we can highlight that apart from tourism, wildlife conservation is equally important.The purpose is to give knowledge to general public regarding how the conservation is been done. There are many to harm wildlife wildlife also ad message should go in between the general public that conserving wildlife is important. The benefits of tourism is there like generating funds for the forest department and also tourists are able to enjoy and gain knowledge of this place. From conservation point of view, wildlife we need to protect them from poaching, hunting and illegal sand mining. The aim is that the Ghariyal and Crocodile habitat should be disturbed and also conserve the area. What Are The Challenges From conservation point of view our work is very challenging. The main issues are Illegal Sand Mining Chambal river is very long river and along it the ravines are formed every year. There are villager staying near the river take up to the Illegal sand mining due to lack of employment opportunity and do business out of it. To stop this is a big challenge. As there spots where Gharials are disturbed. The other challenge is with respect to the nesting sites of Ghariyal, Indian Skimmers & Turtles are the dangers from Jackals, Dogs and even Humans. So the job is very challenging to stop them. Our men are working on this in the entire area from Ranger, Deputy Rangers & even villages.