Trekking In The Himalayas

The Himalayan mountain range offers experiences that are unique and unmatched anywhere else in the world. Amongst the highest peaks in the world, lies raw& pristine nature, clothed in snow, covered with thick pine forests and hiding secrets that can enthrall and captivate trekkers from all over the world, across age groups and fitness levels. Exploring the myriad trails, engaging with the friendly local villagers and taking in the wonder of the lakes, rivers, meadows are guaranteed to leave one with experiences of a life-time – to cherish and keep coming back for more.
Experiencing these treks are on the Bucket List of many people and this webinar offers a peek into the thrill of adventure, wonderful flora & fauna and the awe of the mysteries that the “Abode of Snow” hides. 


Bir, surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheatre of low hills, is an ideal landing ground for para-gliders. Bir has Billing, up in the hills 14 km from Bir with an area of 200 km for high altitude and cross country flying, is one of the best aero sports sites in the country

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