Wildlife Safaris

India has some of the unique and highly endangered wildlife spread across the Indian Sub continent. Apart from land animals, there are multitude of seas and oceanic wildlife. Learn More

Treks In The Himalayas

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Birding In South Asia

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Indian Wildlife and Adventure Sports

The Indian Sub Continent is some of the best preserved wilderness areas. From Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and India. There is an amazing array of wildlife, birding, butterflies and places where adventures is in abandance. Whether searching for Snow Leopards in Ladhak or Spiti Valley. Everest Base Camp Trek is amongst the most sort out for treks. We at Indian Wildlife Adventures, customised trails and adventures based on your preference and choice.

We at Indian Wildlife Adventures, believes in giving our clients unique, customised and more reward wilderness expereince

From Everest Base Camp trek, Snow Leoapard expeditions, Bhutan Birding, Trekking in Nepal and inner Himalayas.

Come How Far You Can Go For Adventure…

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Everest Base Camp Trek, Snow Leoapard Expeditions etc